Discover the Médoc and its magnificent chateaux, home to hundreds of the world’s favourite wines, among them Margaux, Pauillac and Saint-Estèphe.

Cycle lazily amid the vineyards in Saint-Emilion or Pomerol. Take part in the grape harvest in Sauternes and Bergerac.

Bordeaux is the world’s largest and most famous wine-producing region whose best quality wines – both reds and whites – have set the benchmark standard for the rest of the world. More than one-third of France’s superior wines are grown here.

With Bonjour Bordeaux  as your guide, you can visit ancient chateaux set amid rolling vineyards, meet the growers and learn about the six families of wine – four reds and two whites, and their 57 different appellations.

See how and where the vines are planted, learn how and when the grapes are harvested, pressed and the wines bottled.

Best of all, you can experience the joy of wine at our popular tasting events. Our experts will help you unlock its secrets and develop your ‘nose’ and your palate – so that the next time you open a bottle of Bordeaux, we guarantee it will have a completely different taste!

The harvest begins about September 15 in Bordeaux and Bergerac for the white wines and ends in mid-November in the Sauternes area – so why not join us and take part?